Aldo Luongo

“High Flying with The Hawk” – 1999 Sport Artist of the Year

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Field of Glory

Field of Glory

Everything about Aldo Luongo’s art work flies in the face of depression or despair and soars into the exciting realms of freedom, sensuality, and hope. Even when his work touches on darker emotions, the triumph of the lighter side of life is evident. “Aguilucho” or “The Hawk” is the name of a character created by Luongo that has become a symbol of this spiritual triumph. The Hawk’s aging yet vigorous portrait images give vision to the longing we all share to grow old with joy. The artist describes The Hawk as “based on the memory of my father and the discovery of my future self… the ultimate old man… echoing the experiences of life lived to the fullest.”

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” ~ Albert Einstein



Luongo’s art communicates the infectious electricity of life lived to the fullest, and a great part of this energy comes from his lifelong double love affair with soccer and painting. Born in Argentina in1941of Italian heritage, Luongo graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires.

As a youth, Luongo excelled at soccer and fulfilled a childhood dream when he was chosen for the New York Cosmos team. His professional soccer career was cut short by a serious injury. From this moment, Luongo channeled his full professional energy into his art work. In spite of a demanding work schedule, Luongo has always managed to continue his athletics and sees it as an essential part of his artistic process.

“Soccer is my counterpoint to painting. While painting, I’m confined, lonely, enmeshed in emotions and self-doubt. Then comes the sweat and focus of a really good game, and I feel whole again. Life is a matter of balance.” ~ Aldo Luongo

Luongo’s paintings of scenes from daily life in Argentina, including romantic portraits of beautiful women, have captivated audiences worldwide. After an early stint as a fashion accessory designer, Luongo focused on painting. His works attracted many celebrity clients, including Dionne Warwick, Rob Reiner, Yul Brynner, Anthony Quinn, and Kevin Costner.

Luongo’s sport art has garnered some of his most impressive honors. He has been the recipient of numerous awards, including the 1998 official World Cup artist, as well as the 1999 official Women’s World Cup Artist. Luongo has been named four times as an official Olympic Artist: Summer 1988, Summer 1996, Winter 2002, and Winter 2010. Luongo has advanced on life’s challenges with gusto. Even after more than four decades in elevated strata of the art world, his career has continued to fly high on the wings of his skills and his exuberance.

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