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Paul Goodnight – “A Voice of Historic Visions” – 1997 Sport Artist of the Year

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“I have seen so much young talent that I feel it’s my responsibility to help it blossom by carrying on the teaching legacy of my own mentors.” ~ Paul Goodnight

“Cosby Show” features a Goodnight painting
Painting exhibition at Boston Museum of Fine Art
Governor of Massachusetts proclamation for MBTA mural, “Geometree”
Founder, Color Circle Art Publishing, Boston

“Color Circle Art Publishing is dedicated to the perpetuation of a culture by making widely available the compelling and revealing imagery of African Diaspora visual artists.” ~ Paul Goodnight

“Feet Don’t Fail Me Now” – painting commemorating Atlanta Centennial Olympic Games
Sport Artist of the Year, United States Sports Academy, Alabama
African American Achievement Award
Design for ceramic mural at Orlando Airport
African American Achievement Award
“In the Spirit of Martin” traveling group exhibition
“Voices on Paper,” Hearne Fine Art, Little Rock, Arkansas
National Black Fine Art show, Puck Gallery, New York
Beijing Olympic Games, Triathlon Triptych
“The Network” – poster for 2010 World Cup in South Africa

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