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TAFA – “Sport Art’s Sacred Drummer” – 2010 Sport Artist of the Year

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Game 7

Game 7

Selected Shows

Camden Center, London, UK
Black Arts Gallery, London, UK
Great Hall, Kumasi, Ghana
Boniface Gallery, NYC
Yeshiva University, NYC
Shell Head Office, Accra, Ghana
Red Ascension

Red Ascension


African-American Institute, NYC
Parish Gallery, Washington, DC
Howard University, Washington, DC
Pepsico Head Office, Rye, NY
Bronx River Gallery, Bronx, NY
Lamu Gallery, NYC
L’ecrivain Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Liazan Gallery, NYC
L’ecrivain Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Quiskeya Gallery, NYC
Crossroads Theater, New Brunswick, NJ
Contemporary Afri-Art Gallery, London, UK
17 West 121Gallery, NYC
Great Hall, Kumasi, Ghana
Ayaso Gallery, Washington, DC
African-American Institute, NYC
Howard University, Washington, DC
Pepsico Head Office, Rye, NY
Bronx River Gallery, Bronx, NY



N. Carolina Central Univ., Art Museum, NC
Frontier Art, The Hague, Netherlands
Jazz Museum, SoHo, New York
Fort Frederik Museum, St Croix
L’Agent Art International, Montreal Canada
Hearne Gallery, Little Rock, AK
North Carolina A & T, Greensboro, NC
New World Art Center, SoHo, NYC
Thelma Harris Galleries, Oakland, CA
Mehu Gallery, New York, NY
Imarisha Art House, Brooklyn, NY
Medgar Evers College, Brooklyn, NY
1999 – 2010
Danforth Museum, Framingham, MA
Afro-American Museum, Boston
Atmosphere Gallery, SoHo, NY
Bomani Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Ayaso Int. Fine Art, Washington DC
African American Museum, Dallas Texas
MoCADA, Brooklyn, NY
Moore’s Gallery, Detroit, Michigan
National Black Fine Art Show, Chicago
Parliament Building, Hessen, Holland
Sports Artist of the Year 2010
Circle of Art, New York, NY, 2000
Paa Kwame, Ghana, 1991
Swiss Painting Competition, 1st Prize,
Selected Collections
Carver Federal Bank, NYC
National Museum, Ghana
Johnny Cochran
Bryant Gumbel
Barclays Bank
Standard Bank
Mayor David Dinkins, NYC

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