Dr. Ernst Jokl Sports Medicine Award

Dr. Ernst Jokl Sports Medicine Award

CRITERIA: The Dr. Ernst Jokl Sports Medicine Award, named in honor of the former Olympic athlete, international sports medicine scholar, and Director of the University of Kentucky Rehabilitation Center, is given annually to an individual for his/her contributions to the growth and development of sport medicine through practice and/or scholarly activity. The individual should exhibit a mastery of some aspect of sports medicine through practice or research, be well known in the sports medicine field and have an abiding belief in and practice of ethical behavior in pursuit of knowledge.

Ernst Jokl was an outstanding runner in the 400 meters and 400 meter hurdles for the German Olympic squad in 1928 following which he published his first medical study and began what is generally recognized as a most prominent career in the field. He worked with renowned scientists like A.V. Hill, Nobel Prize winner, Max Burger, Adolph Loewy and Adolphe Abrahams. He was the first Director of the Department of Sports Medicine at Breslau University in 1933 before moving to South America to become Director of Physical Education at Stellenbosch University where he developed a national program in sports science. Jokl came to the United States in 1952 and served as the Director of the University of Kentucky Rehabilitation Center. Jokl has been a prolific author and researcher in sports medicine, psychology and sociology publishing articles and books in these areas. He received the Distinguished Service Award from the United States Sports Academy in 1993 for his contributions to sports medicine.

Previous Recipients

Retired Col. John Feagin, Jr., M.D. – Former Sports Orthopedic Surgeon, U.S. Military Academy and Duke University
Dr. William Prentice – Renowned Author, Educator, and Practitioner of Sports Medicine
Dr. Cindy Chang – USA Chief Medical Officer for the 2012 London Olympic Games
Discontinued in 2012
Dr. Steve Devick – Co-Founder, King-Devick Concussion Detection Test
Dr. Frank Noyes – Chairman & CEO, Cincinnati Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic Center
Dr. Robert Cantu – Concussions expert, neurosurgeon
Dr. Andrew Capuccino – Buffalo Bills team doctor
Dr. John Lombardo – MD, Sports Medicine, Columbus, Ohio
Dr. David Schmidt, MD, Orthopedic surgeon, Spurs team physician
Dr. Bert Mandelbaum – Orthopedic surgeon, Santa Monica Orthopedic Group
Jerome A. Dempsey, Ph.D. – Professor of Preventive Medicine, UW-Madison
Dr. Lawrence Lemak – Orthopedic surgeon, Health South Medical Center
Dr. Eric Heiden – Orthopedic surgeon, Olympic speedskating champion
Dr. Frank Jobe – Noted “Tommy John” surgeon
Dr. Robert E. Leach – Editor, American Journal of Sports Medicine
Richard D. Martin – Athletic Trainer, Minnesota Twins
Prince Alexandre de Merode – Chairman, IOC Medical Commission
Donald A. Chu – President, National Strength & Conditioning Association
Fred Mueller, Ph.D. – Chair of Physical Education, University of North Carolina
Dr. Jacques Rogge – Vice President, IOC Medical Commission
Dr. James Andrews – Alabama Sports Medicine
Sir Roger Bannister – Neurologist, First to break 4 minutes in mil

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